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Below is a list of our most common services but is in no way limited to what we can do for you. If you don't see something you're interested in ... just ask!
  • Soil Tests & Reports

  • ​Co-Op Program - Ask us how you can save money on your fertilization and maintenance needs or for more info. click here!​

  • ​Infield Clean Up

  • ​Regulation Field Layout

  • ​Ag plane

  • Aerification

  • Slicing

  • Material Sourcing

  • Verticut

  • ​​Sweeping

  • ​Irrigation

  • ​Overseeding

  • Edging

  • Lip Removal

  • ​Mound Renovation

  • ​Bulk Clay Work

  • Conditioning

  • ​Nail & Mat Drag    

  • ​​Laser Grading

  • GPS Topographic Mapping                                     

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Fertilization Programs

  • Topdressing - Silica, Loamy, and Custom Blends to accomodate your unique surface                                  

  • Pesticide Programs - Herbicide, Insecticides, Fungicides

  • Tex-Sand Complete Construction -  Did you know we can help you in EVERY aspect? From making a map of your raw area, to designing, to construction, to follow up maintenance year after year! We are here to accomodate you with your turn key project!                                                                       

    Each field is different and requires special attention to its specific needs.
    Visual observation and some lab work may be required for a firm quote.

    Please contact us for a firm quote.



Jim Brown and the employees of Tex-Sand have years of experience in the playing surface industry. With Jim brown leading the company for over 15 years, we have strived for only the best not only in the services we offer, but in​​​​​​ taking care of the services ​afterward. Tex-Sand offers unbeatable and up-to-​date technology​​ ​​​that can save you money and time. We continue to offer our clients the highest level of care and insight for their fields. Our goal is to prove to you that making your fields the best they can be can be easy, as well as enjoyable. We always work closely with the staff to teach them how to nurture your surfaces long into ​the future. With a clientele from baseball fields to croquet fields, Tex-Sand can help repair, renovate, re-design, and ​​​replenish your fields to be the best.​​


​​​​ ​ 
​​​JUST TO NAME  A FEW...​​​​​​
Alba Golden I.S.D.  |  Central Garden & Pet  |  Corsicana I.S.D.  |  Frost I.S.D.  |  Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo  |  Harrah's LA Downs  |   JKS Ranch  | Kemp I.S.D.  |  Lone Oak I.S.D.  |  Mineola Youth Association  |  Sabine I.S.D.  |  Scurry-Rosser I.S.D.  |  Tyler I.S.D.  |  Benton High School  |  Buffalo I.S.D.  |  Cistercian Prep School  |  City of Desoto, Texas  |  City of Irving, Texas  |  Community I.S.D.  |  Desoto Kids and Development & Education  |  First Tee Golf Program  |  East Texas Baptist University  |  Elkhart I.S.D.  |  Evangeline Downs Racetrack & Casino  |  Fort Worth Country Day School  |  Fort Worth I.S.D.  |  Gulfstream Park  |  Hallsville I.S.D.  |  Hearne I.S.D.  |  Henderson I.S.D.  |  Hill College  |  Jacksonville I.S.D.  |  Jewett Little League  |  Leon I.S.D.  |  Lone Oak I.S.D.  |  Lone Star Park  |   Medieval Times  |  Pennsylvania HBPA  |  Shelbyville I.S.D.  |  Silsbee I.S.D.  |  Southside Arena  |  SPAR  |  Sunnyvale I.S.D.  |  Valleycrest Landscape Development  |  Warren I.S.D.  

Bullard, Texas I.S.D. | 2009-2013 Demolished and Constructed High School Baseball and Softball field.

Included fencing, irrigation, dugouts, batting cages, and lighting construction.Worked closely with

staff and school board to implement the wants ​and needs from the community​​​​​

and staff to design and develop the new complex.​
 Keith Bryant, 1426B South Houston, Bullard, Texas 75757,  (903) 894-6639


​Franklin, Texas I.S.D. | 2007-2013​
 Renovated Baseball, Softball, Game Football Field, and two Practice Football Fields.​
 Scope of work included addition of materials, laser grading of playing surface, and installation of sod cover.​
 Mike or Jason Green, 1252 West FM 1644, Franklin, Texas 77856, (979) 828-7100​
Sabine Pass, Texas I.S.D. | 2009-2014​
 Reconstructed Baseball, Softball after Hurricane Katrina. Renovated Football and constructed Practice Football Field.​
 Worked in moving and renovating Soccer, Baseball, and Football parks.​
 Worked closely with government agencies to utilize funds to accomplish work needed. Held maintenance contract for 3 years.​
 Zack Byrd or Malcom Nash, 5641 S. Gulfway Drive, Sabine Pass, Texas 77655, (409) 971-2321​

Bossier City Parks and Recreation | 2002-2014​
 Worked in moving and renovating Soccer, Baseball, and Football parks.​
 Worked closely with government agencies to utilize funds to accomplish work needed. Held annual maintenance contract for 3 years.​
 Clay Bohanan, 3223 Old Shed Road, Bossier City, Louisiana 71171, (318) 741-8432​
Ferris ISD | 2004-2013​
 Worked to redesign and move existing Baseball, Softball, and Football Fields.​
​ Sprigging and sod to 320,000 sq.ft. of  surfaces.​
 Steve Nalley, P.O. Box 459, Ferris, Texas 75125,  (972) 544-2043​

Corsicana High School  | 2005-2014​
 Constructed High School Baseball Fields.​
 Renovated and maintained 2 Baseball Fields, and 2 Softball Fields.​
 Jerry Ashcraft, 3701 Q. Highway 22, Corsicana, Texas 75110, (903) 874-7441


City of Desoto Parks and Recreation | 2005-2014​

 Renovated football and baseball fields.​
​ Added topdressing and clay to fields. Held annual maintenance contract for 4 years.​
 Johnny Sutton, 211 E Pleasant Run Road, Desoto, Texas 75115, (972) 230-5823​

Jim Brown – Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches, TX. |  B.A.,  Horticulture / Minor, Forestry / Minor, Biology​
Cortney Guidry - Westwood and North Lake College, TX. | Associates in Computer Aided Design & Certificate in Business Management
Fletcher Brown - Tarleton University, Stephenville, Texas | B.A.​

Want more? Just ask!

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